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"Community Link" is Louisville's Christian community brand for a one stop place to find out everything that's going on in the Christian community.  From Bible studies to Christian concerts to special events and church services--if it's happening in our Christian community, it's on the "Community Link" calendar! 

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"If it's happening in Louisville and God's in it ... I'm on it!"

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Radio Show

Listen below as Hollywood's American Gladiators Champion


becomes a "champion" for Louisville's Christian Community!

Our Kingdom Partners

Cheryl Ann Silich

From National TV...

Hollywood's American Gladiators Champion, Cheryl Ann Silich, has dedicated her entire life to fearlessly running her race with “grit and grace” while modeling the physical, mental, and spiritual character necessary to finish the race strong. 

Little did she know that God had a better plan: to call her out of the spotlight -- and into the radio studio -- to share "your story for His glory!"

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to God's Plan...

As an Inspirational Speaker, Cheryl continued on her mission and began coaching the qualities and behaviors necessary to inspire others to run their best race, too! When Cheryl started to hear -- and then obey -- "the call" on her life, she combined her strong Christian upbringing and work ethic, with her national fitness television brand, to encourage others to become “spiritually fit!”

to Christian Radio!

Today, Cheryl is host of the Community Link radio show, offering herself as a "Story Servant." Cheryl is passionate, authentic, and intentional, and her investigative storytelling skills unbury Kingdom treasures from our very own local community -- from marketplace ministry to faith testimonies to the resources available here. "If it's happening in Louisville and God's in it ... Cheryl's on it!" 

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Todays Woman - Living and Eating Like a Gladiator Champ (pdf)



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